Heat Treating & Heating Equipment

Energy Efficiency, Temperature Uniformity and Reliability


Heat Treating Furnaces

CIC Pittsburgh offers a wide variety of Heat Treating Furnaces to steel, titanium, specialty alloy and other metals processors.  Furnaces are custom-designed to meet our customers’ specific needs.  Among the types of furnaces offered are car bottom furnaces, annealing furnaces, lift-off hood furnaces and tip-up hood furnaces.  CIC Pittsburgh also offers Ladle Preheaters to steelmakers.

High-Quality Manufacturing

CIC Pittsburgh’s heat treatment furnaces process everything from huge rolling mill rolls down to fine wire for making fencing and car seats. Our furnaces provide heated ingots which are forged into everything from alloy bars to aircraft parts. We design many different types of heat treating and forging furnaces.

CIC Pittsburgh can also provide repair parts for your furnaces even if the original furnace manufacturer is long gone.


Types of Heat Treating
& Forging Furnaces

CIC Pittsburgh has experience with meeting AMS2750D/NADCAP requirements on all types of furnaces.

Car Bottom Furnaces

Car Bottom Furnaces provide excellent temperature uniformity, low fuel usage, and greatly simplified material handling. Product is loaded onto a car by fork trucks or cranes. It is then rolled into the stationary furnace through an end door. The door closes behind the car to seal the chamber for the heating cycle. At the end of the cycle, the door opens and the car is rolled back out of the furnace so that the product may be unloaded from the car.  Furnaces may have doors at one or at both ends.

Lift Off Hood Furnaces

 Lift Off Hood Furnaces provide excellent temperature uniformity and low fuel usage. The product is loaded onto a stationary base by fork trucks or cranes. Then, an overhead crane is used to set the heating hood on the base and compress the seal.  Once set and the electrical and fuel connections are made, the heating cycle can proceed. Once the heating cycle is complete, the hood is removed and the product can be unloaded from the base.  It is common for a single hood to be used for multiple bases to maximize utilization.

Tip Up Furnaces

Tip Up Furnaces provide excellent temperature uniformity, low fuel usage, and are very space-efficient. A Tip Up Furnace is comprised of a lower and upper section connected by a rotating pivot. With the upper section rotated up off the lower section, the product is loaded onto the hearth by fork trucks, cranes, or dedicated charging machines. Then, the upper section pivots down onto the lower section, compressing the seal. Once the heating cycle is complete, the upper section is rotated up, allowing the product to be unloaded.