Meet Jared Kaufman

Jared Kaufman has been selected as the new president of CIC Pittsburgh, succeeding company founder John Hayes.

Mr. Hayes will remain with CIC Pittsburgh as an advisor.  While the company leadership is changing, the day-to-day operations are not changing, and our primary objective is to continue to provide our customers with the same exceptional service and support that they have come to expect from CIC Pittsburgh.

Jared Kaufman brings to CIC Pittsburgh more than 20 years of industrial furnace engineering experience, with much of that time focused on aftermarket sales and services.  Mr. Kaufman brings to CIC Pittsburgh enthusiasm, passion, creativity, and an emphasis on innovation.

John Hayes started CIC Pittsburgh in 1999, and grew the company from a one-man startup to a full-service industrial furnace company.  By developing long-standing relationships with our customers, CIC Pittsburgh has supplied hundreds of new furnaces, as well as performing countless furnace upgrades and revamps.