The dimming and glowing of the blooms bring the piece to life. Its beauty is difficult to portray but can best be described as witnessing beauty and the creation of life.

Located in downtown Reno, Nevada, Bloom is a masterful hot-dip galvanized art piece that stands 20’ high and 8’ wide. Michael Christian, the owner of Xian Productions, created the sculpture in four sections.

The bottom base area is comprised by plasma cutting hundreds of small oblong parts then welding them together to create the coarse, bark-like texture. The eleven shoots were made from meticulously bending hundreds of quarter-inch wires, then welding a steel ring to hold them together. The third section, the stalks are fabricated from round tubes cut into different lengths and welded together to give the look of progressive grown over many years.

Finally, the beautiful blooms on the top of the piece are fabricated from half-inch wires woven together to look like flower buds. Each bloom holds a light, set to dim and glow at different times throughout the night.

This project was powered by a CIC Pittsburgh Galvanizing furnace.