North American Aggregates

V&S Lebanon Galvanizing

The mining and crushing equipment are all hot-dip galvanized to protect against corrosion in this marine environment. James Levy, VP Mellott Co.

Some of the harshest conditions for any metal is being submerged in or near water whether fresh water or sea water. Steel and zinc are no exceptions. However, hot-dip galvanized steel has been successfully used in both fresh and sea water exposure for decades on dams, docks, piers, and even the harsh conditions of water treatment facilities.

Mellott Company worked directly with the galvanizer to hot-dip galvanize 500 tons of structural steel for the sand mining equipment, conveyors and processing. The utilization of the AGA Design Seminar during the design process helped to set up both the manufacturer and the galvanizer for success.

This project was powered by a CIC Pittsburgh Galvanizing furnace.